About Me

My name is Gerard Bossenbroek. I am:

My current employer is Horeko, a company that provides software for the hospitality industry. Horeko is a small company that uses a near-shore IT team. My responsibility is to be the middleman between the IT team in Macedonia and the Dutch part of the company, containing the Sales, Support, and Management team.

In my position I combine the work of an IT manager, Scrum Master, Product Owner and Agile tester. As such, I make sure the IT team is happy and keeps improving, the communication between the IT team and the rest of the company is as good as possible and the quality of the product keeps getting up so our customers are happy and satisfied.

Thomas Personal Profile Analysis describes me as follows:
"This perfectionist knows how to combine precision with a desire for improvement. He is cautious and precise and will make measured decisions. His perfectionism will make sure that, even though he has the desire to perform, he does not take unnecessary risks. Gerard is able to motivate others when needed. With his logic, analytic approach, enthusiasm and desire to perform, he is a valuable asset for the company."

According to the Belbin Self-Perception Inventory test, I am extrovert, dynamic, passionate and strong-willed. I have a strong desire to perform, am looking for challenges, go to the limit and I am able to set people in motion.

Interested? Check out my detailed CV or just contact me for more information.